Santiago Caruso

8e42f4072f804732a790020664f712d1Santiago Caruso (Quilmes, Argentina – 1982) este un artist simbolist al unui limbaj avangardist ce iese în evidență atât prin vigoarea poeziei, cât și prin tehnică. Printre cele mai importante cărți ilustrate ale lui se regăsesc: Jane Eyere(Folio Society); Los Cantos de Maldoror (Valdemar); El Rey de Amarillo, El Horror de Dunwich, La Condesa Sangrienta și El Monje y la Hija del Verdugo (Libros del Zorro Rojo); La Cena (La Caja de Cerillos); El Eco de mis Muertes (Self edition); Prisoner 489 and The Walls of the Castle  (Black Labyrinth); Senhorita Christina(Tordesilhas); Historias de Vampiros (Longseller);  The Peacock Escritoire and Tarshishim  (Ex Occidente Press); Three Great Plays of Shakespeare and Don Quixote,(Penguin Readers).(sursă)



The King in Yellow


YAGAN, Ink & scratch over paper |2001


HAPPY, Ink & scratch over golden paint | 23 cm x 23 cm | 2005


Portrait of crime | 2010 |


Vaccum Angel | 2012 |

Today, I would define myself as a Symbolist, who recreates the deformation of reality that the human being perceives — i.e. the phantom of conventional objects — to go deeper into them with a new kind of perception. I try to summon a poetic phantom that supplies a wider vision of the human, contemplating the beautiful, the frightening, the repressed or forgotten in the shadows, the impossible. With this concept of depiction, I try to utilize Gothic symbolism as a crystallized view of the world in many respects.  -Santiago Caruso într-un interviu

Spectral House | 2013 |


Throne of Chaos


Summonings(Ron Weighell)-book cover


The Marquis | 2009 |


Aquelarre | 2011 |

I am related to the word, or I should say, to language. I believe I construct my images as if I were writing them. The final view of it must communicate in one glance the general feeling and idea, but after that, you can read the image almost as a text, so it must be built with the same rules of grammar if you want to express yourself clearly. -SC interviu

JANE EYRE by Charlotte Brontë, Illustrated by Santiago Caruso, published by The Folio Society 2014

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SENHORITA  CHRISTINA (Domnișoara Christina) by Mircea Eliade | Images by Santiago Caruso | Tordesilhas  livros – Brazil 2011

Cover by Santiago Caruso, for a Czech edition of Lovecraft


El Juguete Rabioso | 2012 |


Manfed Conjuring the Spirits | 2012 |


The Boke of Divill | Watercolor | 2016




La condesa sangrienta

“the best painting is the one I haven’t done yet”-(sursă) | poză luată de aici

Mai multe lucrări de ale lui găsiți aici.


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